Hello, my name is Mallory. I am a fictional character created by Urban Kreationz. My creators intended for me to be the epitome of positive values and a reminder that in a challenging world, we can find good in ourselves and others if we shift our perspectives.

Mallory Says, is my motivational periodical intended solely for entertainment purposes. The content therein is not to be construed as advice. As such, I use language which chronicles the events in my life rather than suggestions of what one should or could do if presented with similar circumstances to those I encounter.

Enlightenment Levels High.

Let's get started on the story of my life and what I have to say about it.



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Urban Kreationz Radio brings the best of Youth Culture to the air.

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We provide our students with a strong foundation in mathematics through the use of carefully crafted programs that address individual needs. We currently offer instruction and general tutoring services in Mathematics. Email or call 1-869-664-1876 to learn more.

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